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Not all bear meat will taste the same. Pennsylvania black bears will not taste at all like Alaskan brown bears that been been feeding on king salmon. Black bears eat primarily vegetation. Also, bear meat from a spring bear is very lean; it has little fat cover and fat within the muscles. Bear meat from an animal taken in the fall, however, has lots of fat, not just on the outside surfaces but throughout the muscles as well. This  fat must be removed because it will impart a gamely taste to the meat. It will also sour faster, so the meat should be cooled as quickly as possible. 

It is important that you inspect the carcass and meat, as you would with any game animal. Inspect their internal organs and discard all bloodshot meat.

Field Care

It's important that hunters get the meat cooled down and quickly as possible. Larger muscle mass, combined with an extra layer of fat and a very dense hide means it takes twice as long to cool the meat of a bear then that of a deer. Unfortunately, too many hunters are more concerned about saving the hide than they are the meat. Do your homework. There is too much good meat being wasted because hunters are not prepared to deal with it.

A good site for this information is: 

Selecting a Cooking Method

There is no mystery to cooking bear meat; it's the same as any other meat. The cut determines the cooking method. All cuts along the back or loin are tender. These should be cooked with dry cooking methods, such as broiling, grilling, roasting and sauteing. All these cooking methods use high heat, fast cooking times and, again, a tender cut of meat.

The cuts from the forequarters are not as tender; as a matter of fact, they're fairly tough. These should be ground for sausages, chili or ground meats, or cut into stew meat. The hind legs are also fairly tough and should be cooked with moisture, for long periods of time, using lower temperatures. The cooking methods best suited for the hind legs are roasting with moisture, braising, stewing, barbecuing and pressure cooking. Canned bear meat is great for a delicious, tender, quick meal. When canning, the key to a good quality product is removing as much fat as possible.

Rubs, cures, marinades and brines all work well for bear meat. Always remove all tendons, fat and tacky membrane from the bear meat for a tender, less gamey tasking meat. You can substitute bear meat for any venison recipes as long as you substitute the same cut of meat. You can even make bear sausage by substituting bear meat for venison. remember, the most important steps that affect the tenderness and taste are what you do at the cutting board and in the pan or oven. These key steps of all the cooking methods can be found in my book, The Art of Cooking Venison.

Following are some great recipes using Pennsylvania's finest bear meat. They work well for any game meat. 

Good hunting and eating!

NRA News Cam & Co Interview Chef Wutsch

Chef Wutsch is interviewed by Cam Edwards of Cam & Co. at the 2014 Great American Outdoor Show. Chef Wutsch was also interviewed by Cam & Co. Interview by phone.

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We added a new section to our website, As Seen At Sport Shows The section contains recipes demonstrated at sports shows around the country, relevant articles, an image gallery and products I recommend.

“Our attendees have raved about Chef Al’s seminars on game cookery. He is an excellent choice for a seminar presenter!”

Chris O’Hara, Event Director of Great American Outdoor Show by the NRA.

“Chef Wutsch's delicious recipes and handy preparation tips underscore his mastery of the true art of cooking venison."

Jackie Bushman, CEO & Publisher

“Chef Al’s Grilled Turkey Breast with Peach Chutney is out of this world!”

Mark Drury, Owner, President
Drury Outdoors, Bloomsdale, MO

 “When it comes to barbecuing and grilling game, it doesn’t get any better than this!”

Steve Stoltz, World & Grand National Champion Turkey Caller, Hunter's Specialties, MO.


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